About Alexandra. 

Alexandra is an I.A.T.S.E. LOCAL 706 Makeup Artist located in Los Angeles, California. She has worked diligently with international, award winning makeup artists. Alexandra currently works in film & television, commercials, editorial, red carpet, events, promo and music videos. Her work has been published in VOGUE, COVETEUR, TEEN VOGUE, MARIE CLAIRE, ELLE, TIME MAGAZINE, FLAUNT MAGAZINE, PAPER MAGAZINE, COVER OF GAY TIMES, COVER OF THEM, LADY GUNN, KALTBLUT MAGAZINE, BILLBOARD, SPOTIFY, JUNIOR HIGH MAGAZINE , TEETH MAGAZINE.

Her skills include Beauty, Editorial, Glam, Airbrush, Body Paint, Black Light UV Body Painting, Men's Grooming, HD Makeup Application, Period Makeup, Drag, Theatrical, Character Makeup, Old Age/Aging makeup, Dirt & Sweat , On-set facial hair application, Experience with sensitive & aged skin, Tattoo Cover up. 

Special Fx skills include Airbrush, Prosthetic Application, Out-of-Kit Effects, Scars, Making Blood, Guts, Vomit, Prosthetic Painting, Silicone Application, Prosaide Transfers, Foam Latex Application, Cuts, Under Eye Bags, Old Age, Dirt & Sweat, Fingernails Peeling Off, Tattoo Coverup, Covering Eyebrows, Facial Hair Application, Bruising and Tattoo Design. 

Alexandra is available for UNION & NON- UNION projects.

She is available for travel.



704. 607. 2632